Hormone Healthy Favs

If you’ve seen some products on my socials and wanted to get your hands on them, here’s your chance. Shop all of my “hormone supportive” products at a discounted price. Please note that I do make commission on sales which is another way you can support the work that I do. These are products I personally use and would never affiliate with brands or products that don’t align with my core values. Any questions about products, send me a DM on Instagram. Happy shopping!


Amazon USA Storefront

If you live in CAD or USA, you can confidently shop Amazon products with my carefully curated storefront. Not only are all the products in my storefront "hormone healthy," but over 95% of the products I've chosen are from small(er) companies. Less stress, more shopping... with ease.

Happy Mammoth

Happy Mammoth products are unlike any other on the market. They have everything you need from gut supporting supplements to perimenopause support. I love the natural ingredients and scientifically formulated combinations! There's something for everyone. My personal favorite product is the Hormone Harmony which contains hormone supporting herbs like Chastetree, Wild yam and Maca root. Just remember that supplements DO NOT replace a nourishing diet. You won't see results unless you pair these supplements with a well formulated nutrition plan and lifestyle. Use my discount code 'honeycombhealth' for €10 off your order!

Mountain Drop Shilajit

Shilajit is packed full of an incredibly powerful mineral called fulvic acid which is known as the elixir of life. Why? Because of its monumental effect on our health at a cellular level. From cancer prevention to supercharging the immune system and SO much more. Click the link to read more about Shilajit and don't even think about searching anywhere else for higher quality and reasonably priced products. I bought the 40g jar over 6 months ago and both me and my partner use it in our tea EVERY morning and will likely have the jar last us until the end of the year. No joke, this product is worth every damn penny! Use my discount code 'honey10' for 10% off!

Natural Cycles

NC is a Family Awareness Method app that is scientifically proven to either prevent pregnancy or aim for pregnancy, depending on your goals, of course. With the help of the Oura Ring and Natural cycles, I've been able to come off my birth control method of choice (the latest choice was the copper IUD) and finally balance my hormones while also preventing pregnancy for over a year! If you're not looking to come off your BC just yet, Natural Cycles is a perfect segway into a more natural approach to your menstrual cycle. Plus the insights and everything it offers is a no brainer!

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is my secret weapon to truly balancing out my hormones. "How" you ask? Simple. I've been able to ditch toxic birth control methods (yup, even the copper IUD messes with your hormones) and leapt two feet into the Family Awareness Method which requires absolutely ZERO disruption to my hormonal health. The Oura Ring has allowed me to confidently prevent pregnancy for over a year without ANY other form of birth control. By using this life changing technology, I've finally been able to have full control over my own family building - naturally. Seriously, life changing.

Sun & Moo

Sun & Moo facial balms are changing the way we use tallow based products. The botanicals are carefully selected for any skin condition and work within months to provide extraordinary results. My personal favorites are the "Mend Blend" balm and the "Clear Skin" oil. Save extra bills by creating your own bundle! Use my discount code 'honeycomb' for 10% off!


Say goodbye to camel-toe and constant wardrobe adjustments and say hello to Zentoa! I've never owned a pair of leggings that are more flattering, more comfortable and give me more confidence than the "perfect seamless" collection. When you look good, you lift good and girl, you'll look FIIIIINE in these beautifully crafted gym wear. Send me a DM on Instgram if you have questions about sizing. Use my discount code 'honeycombhealth' for 10% off!

Ancestral Cosmetics

Beef tallow has completely changed my skin care game and Ancestral Cosmetics has the PERFECT blend of hormone healthy ingredients that my skin absolutely adores! Modern cosmetics are designed to be ineffective in the hopes you will continue to purchase their chemically laden products. The "Tallow and Honey Balm" will last you up to 6 months because of how seriously effective their product is. I'm absolutely obsessed and I know you will be too. Use my discount code 'honeycombhealth' for 10% off!

Lumired Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is my best kept beauty secret and Lumired is at the top of the industry for quality and affordability. Benefits I've personally seen from using Lumired's Pro750 panel are increased collagen production which is battling my aging facial skin, incredibly fast recovery from my heavy weight sessions, noticeably increasing my energy especially at that 2:00pm slump and helping me heal my skin from hormonal acne when I removed my copper IUD in February of 2023. Use my discount code 'honeycomb5' for 5% off!

Bowild Beef Supplements

Coming from the Wild Atlantic Way in the lush, rolling hills of Ireland, Bowild has the highest quality of beef liver and heart on the entire planet due to its grass-fed, grazed and finished cattle. Beef Liver is nature's multivitamin packed full of essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc which are crucial in supporting your hormonal health. Use my discount code 'honeycomb10' for 10% off!
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