Snatch waist and a big booty - a holistic approach.

“Custom nutrition and workout plans that will not only give you the esthetic goals you dream of, but will also give you that vibrant glow from the inside out”

How it works

This program is not for everyone, so follow these steps


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Get crystal clear on your goals so we can put the right plan together for you


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So much more than a nutrition and workout plan

“What’s included:

During our initial coaching session, we will co-create a weekly menu that suits your specific goals and optimizes results with professional advice to get the most out of your food.

Home or Gym Based Workout Routine

Unparalleled Support

Recipe Guide and Shopping List

Lifestyle habit

What My Clients Say

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“While doing the Holistic Body Recomp Hayley helped me reach my body goals while still having a delicious diet. The workout plan was built around my goals and changed often enough never to get bored.”
“I found Hayley's programme useful in its practical, pragmatic approach but also for the other aspects the programme revealed that wasn't to do with food - which then meant I could look...”
Liam Boyce, British Columbia, Canada, July 2022                                                                                             Anita McKeown, Kerry, Ireland, November 2022

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How can we help you?

Holistic Body Recomp

  • 12 weeks custom nutrition planning
  • 2x workout progressions for home or gym
  • Workout plan to fit into your busy schedule
  • Easy to follow recipe guide
  • Weekly accountability calls
  • Daily access to LIVE chat with head coach
  • Explicit education videos to optimize your results
  • Habit tracking and integration
  • Results oriented

Nutrition Consultation 

  • 1 week nutrition plan with recipes
  • Lifestyle habit overview